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Landscape Gardening Plant Trials

We strongly believe in the adage, “Right Plant, Right Place”. For this reason we go to exhaustive lengths to trial any new landscape gardening plants in many regions throughout the New Zealand and beyond.

It seems logical that the best way to determine if a new plant will work for your business is to trial it; after all, “seeing is believing”.

The purpose of our plant trials is typically threefold:

  1. To give the breeder additional performance and marketability data.
  2. To allow for “pre-release” trialing by key commercial growers to determine production and market potential.
  3. Provides us data that we can use when discussing the plant with landscape professionals, i.e. architects, designers, contractors, and etcetera.

Currently we employ trials on landscape gardening plants with many universities, botanical gardens/arboretums, commercial growers, architects, and the likes but we are always looking for more interested parties.

Please contact our office if you would like to become a trial partner.