Ozbreed's New Zealand HistoryTANIKA™ Lomandra longifolia 'LM300' PVR from Robinsons Nursery

Ozbreed Plants

Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants
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A History of Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants in New Zealand

Strappy Leaf Plants History in New Zealand

TANIKA™ Lomandra longifolia 'LM300' PVRBefore the commercial sales, trials and testing helped the growers know which of these landscape gardening plants did well in which parts of New Zealand. Pictured right: Plant breeder rights, trialing Lomandra Tanika.

In the north Island, particularly around Auckland all are doing well.

Ozbreed Landscape Gardening PlantsPictured on the right are mixed landscape gardening plants from Robinsons Nursery including: Dianella Cassa Blue, Dianella Tasred, Lomandra Tanika and Dianella Little Jess.

In cooler parts of the South Island, Dianella Tasred, Lomandra Tanika, Dianella Cassa Blue, and Dianella Little Rev are staying evergreen, whilst Dianella Breeze and Dianella Little Jess do discolour in the winter in these colder South Island conditions, however they do green up again when the whether warms. So in the South Island, especially around Christchurch, all of these landscape gardening plants are doing well, but some remain more evergreen.


Ozbreed Landscape Gardening PlantsIn 2003, the growers started with Lomandra Tanika, which has proven to be very successful, both in terms of performance and sales.

In 2004 they started to grow for commercial production Dianella Cassa Blue, Dianella Little Rev, Dianella Little Jess, Dianella Breeze, and Dianella Tasred.

In 2005 they began selling these commercially, with good success, and great customer acceptance.

A mix of Dianellas fom Omaio NurseryLomandra's and Dianella's are not new to New Zealand. They have been grown here for decades, but they never really became popular, because the common varieties are not very ornamental.

Right: A mix of Dianellas fom Omaio Nursery

However, Ozbreed's new varieties are highly ornamental. The breeding has given them better flowers and much more interesting foliage, making them ideal for any landscape garden.

Ozbreed Landscape Gardening PlantsThese landscape gardening plants are really becoming popular especially in commercial landscapes.

As people see how good they are we expect domestic use to increase.


International Propagation SocietyInternational Propagation Society
Right: This event was the International Propagation Society.

Ozbreed was in attendance and found it to be an interesting and informing meeting.

Below: These pictures of Dianella Little Jess were taken from Bayliss Nursery.

Dianella Little Jess Dianella Little Jess