LITTLE REV™ Dianella is a compact plant with brilliant blue upright foliage

Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PVR

First 'Blue Foliage Flax Lilly'

Landscapers Delight
LITTLE REV™ Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PVR Little Rev™ Dianella is providing landscape architects & designers, councils & landscapers with a plant with excellent appearance and a unique look, with its brilliant blue upright foliage. This is a very hardy landscape gardening plant that will require little maintenance once established.

LITTLE REV™ Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PVR Little Rev™ Dianella will change the way we think of Dianella revoluta forever. For those unfamiliar with the Little Rev™ plant think of it as a compact dwarf 'blue' Phormium, but only tougher. Dianella's are Flaxes after all, as are Phormiums.

Cold Tolerance
Little Rev™ Dianella has good cold tolerance, performing well in New Zealand and generally remaining evergreen, with a blue colour.

LITTLE REV™ Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PVR Little Rev™ Dianella has an average mature height of around 30cm-40cm, which makes it ideal for roadsides, median strips, roundabouts, car parks, golf courses and ornamental gardens throughout New Zealand.

Little Rev™ Dianella is the perfect roadside plant with a beautiful blue-grey texture.

LITTLE REV™ Dianella revoluta 'DR5000' PVR Unique Foliage
Little Rev™ Dianella with its unique upright foliage makes it the perfect plant for edge planting along paths, driveways and car parks.