KING ALFRED™ Dianella is a compact plant with purple and yellow flowers

Dianella caerulea

Clean Foliage

KING ALFRED™ Dianella caerulea 'JOHN316' PVR King Alfred™ Dianella has unique blue green foliage that is dense and compact. Its flowers extend up to one metre and are purple and yellow. King Alfred™ Dianella grows from 70cm with a width of 70cm.

It is able to tolerate prolonged (not permanent) periods of wet feet. It can also tolerate long dry periods, making it ideal for depressed ares. King Alfred™ Dianella is part of the No Irrigation Gardening Range due to its drought tolerance and ability to survive on natural rainfall in most populated areas.

KING ALFRED™ Dianella caerulea 'JOHN316' PVR The maintenance requirements for King Alfred™ Dianella is low, it will only need trimming approximately once every 5 to 8 years if at all.

The King Alfred™ plant grows well in full sun and moderately shaded positions. It tolerates windy and salt laden windy positions and is very drought tolerant. It lives on natural rainfall in most of the populated areas. For desert inland type areas occasional watering maybe required. King Alfred™ Dianella can tolerate heavy clay to sandy soils and will keep beautiful clean foliage in both wet and relatively dry conditions.

KING ALFRED™ Dianella caerulea 'JOHN316' PVR Water is required to keep King Alfred™ Dianella healthy for the first 8 to 13 weeks. After this, irrigation is optional for most populated areas, other than particularly dry inland regions etc. The King Alfred™ plant can also tolerate excessive water or dry conditions.

Trimming is rarely required, but if needed, trim King Alfred™ Dianella to 15cm above the ground. It is best to a void trimming in drought conditions, or in the middle of summer. Fertiliser is rarely required, but in ornamental gardens if a darker green colour is desired, fertilise with any good balanced   8 to 9 month slow release fertiliser, preferably in spring or autumn.

KING ALFRED™ Dianella caerulea 'JOHN316' PVR King Alfred™ Dianella is ideal for specimen planting or mass planting in gardens, roadsides, golf courses, factories, offices and most type of residential and commercial planting. It is a good understory plant in sparse tree plantings. King Alfred™ Dianella is a good companion plant with Cassa Blue™ Dianella, Little Rev™ Dianella and Tanika™ Lomandra.


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