ISABELLA™ Liriope is a drought and frost tolerant plant with showy pink flowers

Liriope muscari

Liriope muscari 'LIRF' PVR Isabella™ Liriope really stands out due to its denser more compact fine leaf foliage when compared to the standard Liriope muscari. Given time, or planted close together, it forms a dense ground cover. Great as a lawn alternative that can be mown once per year, or a garden border.

In summer, Isabella™ Liriope has a distinctive display of showy pink flowers throughout the top of its foliage.

The Isabella™ plant is drought and frost tolerant, and good for sunny or very shady positions. Good for very cold areas, or very hot humid regions.

Liriope muscari 'LIRF' PVR In cooler areas it is a good idea to cut it back low to the ground in late winter. Its new growth will reward this effort. This can even be done with a brush cutter. Isabella™ Liriope is very tough, so cutting it very low will not hurt it.

The Isabella™ plant grows to about 40cm high, with a wide spread of 50cm, making it an excellent ground cover, that you simply mow or hack back once per year. It is so easy to grow. If mown once per year it will grow to a much lower height (approx. 15-20 cm high x 20-30cm).