FLAMIN™ Phormium is a semi compact native plant with red, orange and bronze tones

Phormium tenax 'PH0S3' PVR

Phormium tenax 'PH0S3' PVR Description: Flamin™ Phormium is a semi compact native plant, with red, orange and bronze tones. Although it is a single colour Phormium, it uniquely has this tri-tone appearance. The Flamin™ plant literally glows in the sun. It’s also a flaming tough New Zealand native, able to survive better then most other Phormiums.

Reaches 80-90 cm high x 80-90cm wide.

Uses: Mass planting, rockeries and ornamental gardens.

Phormium tenax 'PH0S3' PVR Position: Grows well in full sun to shaded positions. Tolerates heavy frost and moderately dry conditions. Suitable for most soil types.

Care: Low maintenance once established. When planting Flamin™ Phormium, ensure the crown or base of the plant is not planted below the soil level. Apply coarse grade mulch to reduce weed growth and keep the root zone cold and moist. Water as required.

Foliage: Flamin™ Phormium will add fantastic contrast to any landscape garden, with its unique colour. After a few years it will eventually grow to approximately 1.3 metres in height.