BREEZE™ is a caneless Dianella with blue flowers

Dianella caerulea 'DCNC0' PVR

Flowers Galore, Beautiful Foliage

BREEZE™ Dianella caerulea 'DCNC0' PVR Unlike the common variety of Dianella caerulea, Breeze™ Dianella has no messy straw brown canes that often fall over.

Dianella caerulea is a fantastic plant for commercial and residential landscaping. The only problem is, as it gets older it becomes untidy.

The Breeze™ plant solves this problem by providing a 'no cane' variety, that does not have above ground canes. Breeze™ Dianella is the tidy, tough ground cover plant, that is 40% larger than little Jess™ Dianella. Grows to 60-70cm high with a spread of 60-70cm.

Frost & Cold Tolerant
BREEZE™ Dianella caerulea 'DCNC0' PVR Underground rhizomes ensure excellent cold survival. Breeze™ Dianella will survive in wet and cold areas in New Zealand, with some of the foliage browning off. In these areas the plant will perenialise.

Drought Tolerant
Breeze™ Dianella is known as one of the most drought hardy plants available.

Low Maintenance
BREEZE™ Dianella caerulea 'DCNC0' PVR Trim approximately once every 5 to 8 years. (In colder areas yearly trimming may be required).

Breeze Flowers
Right: A close up of the soft blue flower produced by the Breeze™ plant.

Make Landscaping a 'Breeze'
BREEZE™ Dianella caerulea 'DCNC0' PVR Breeze™ Dianella is the perfect plant for landscaping, not only is it versatile and hardy, it will produce a mass of flowers making any landscape attractive.

Right: Shows a mass planting of Breeze™ Dianella starting to produce its flower.

'No canes' is what makes the Breeze™ plant so good