BABY BLISS™ Dianella is a clumping groundcover plant ideal for garden borders

Dianella revoluta 'DTN03' PVR

BABY BLISS™ Dianella revoluta 'DTN03' PVR Baby Bliss™ Dianella is a beautiful blue flax lily with an average height of 30cm. It is a small plant ideal for garden borders, and planted close together forms an excellent low growing ground cover. It is suited to a wide selection of soil types.

The Baby Bliss™ plant is a flowering Dianella revoluta, well suited for both home and commercial landscape gardening environments and suitable for most parts of New Zealand. We are currently testing in QLD. Research so far is showing it is handling home gardens well.


BABY BLISS™ Dianella revoluta 'DTN03' PVR Description: A compact clumping, ornamental plant with striking blue foliage. Grows to an average size of 30cm tall by 30cm wide.

Uses: Excellent contrasting border plant. A refreshing alternative to mondo grass. Can be used for mass planting, foliage, accent or grassy gardens. As this is a small plant, and as such will not naturally outcompete weeds, it is better suited to garden planting rather then large scale commercial planting.

BABY BLISS™ Dianella revoluta 'DTN03' PVR Position: Tolerates a wide variety of climatic conditions. Full sun or part shade. Very hardy, excellent drought and frost tolerance.

Care: When planting ensure the base of the plant is not covered with mulch or soil. Plant in well mulched gardens. Fertilise once per year with a slow release fertiliser. Remove old leaves as required, to keep the plant looking good, generally yearly.