Lomandra Tanika Flowers

Landscape Gardening 3D Design Graphics

Ozbreed have made available to you a selection of their 3D Graphic files for download formatted for some of the popular design applications, and a selection of high resolution image files in the .jpg format from their expansive range of landscape gardening plants.

These files and images are royalty free to use.

Note: Image Props, Components, and 3D camera facing models can also be used in 2D graphics.


Application & File Types

Visit the Ozbreed Australia website to download all files needed for that program. Some are easy to install, and some need a little work, it depends on which program you use.

Contact your program supplier if you have difficulties getting them to work.

NOTE: Not all of the 3d graphic plants on the Ozbreed Australia website are available in New Zealand.




Enviro Graphic
For more 3D graphics of other types of plants visit the creator's website: